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The Dam and Sire selection is essential in creating healthy puppies. We DNA test and hip & elbow score all our adult dogs. Our puppies are planned years in advance. We assess the parentage before breeding. We have a trusted veterinary team on standby and all animals are health cleared by them.

Our dogs are first and foremost family pets, they sit on the sofa to watch TV with us, they accompany us on days out and family holidays. They attend our children’s birthday parties and are loyal, well mannered members of our family.

Personality and temperament is vital as they will pass these traits on to the puppies. We are so proud that you can meet our dogs during video calls and visits in person, you can gauge their personalities for yourself and be assured that your future puppy will be as awesome as they are.

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Meet The Pawrents


Grace is 5 years old and has produced outstanding puppies. She is such a happy dog, will follow us around the house, she is a perfect companion and very patient with children and other animals.

She is quiet and relaxed in our home, equally happy to spend the day out in the garden and super happy to run & explore on her walks. When you meet her, please do not tell her she is a dog as she believes she is our eldest human child!

She weighs 25kgs but no harness is required on walks, our toddler can hold her lead as she walks down the street.

Groodles Western Australia


Ruby is 3, she has just had her very first litter of beautiful cream groodle puppies. She is an experienced Auntie, having assisted Grace in pup-sitting services.

Ruby is very softly natured, she is gentle and loving. She loves nothing more than to be the very centre of the family home, in the hustle and bustle of kids playing.

Ruby is probably the happiest dog on the planet, she has a never ending supply of positivity and joy. We know her puppies will be a great addition to any family home.



We recently welcomed Maple in to our home. She is an F1b Groodle. Her Dad is a very handsome Poodle and her Mum is F1 Groodle. This means she is 75% poodle.

Pending further health clearances, she will produce medium Groodles that are hypoallergenic and non shedding. This is in response to the high number of enquiries requesting a puppy suitable for those with allergies.

Maple will be ready for her first litter of puppies towards the end of 2024.



After searching Australia for 3 years we finally found our pawfect future stud. We couldn’t be happier with our very handsome pure bred standard poodle, Chester.

MDBA registered with generations of excellent bloodlines and clear DNA results. He is a true gentleman, very docile and has a non existent prey drive. He happily walks past our chooks, ducks and lambs without batting an eye.

Chester is utterly fabulous with his puppies, will nap with them in the afternoons to give Mum a break and will freely play with them in the garden. He even cleans their bottoms!

Chester is a great asset to our program, is best friends with Grace and Ruby and he is the perfect gentleman in our home.

Brown Groodle

Health Testing

Our dogs are fully health tested with on going vet assessments. Their health is our priority. Our dogs DNA swabs are taken by a vet and then sent away for results. The results are breed specific genetic screens for diseases & traits. The customised panels cover over 240 genetic tests.

A snap shot of these tests for the golden retrievers are as follows: