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They say “If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life” and that is so true! Working with and being surrounded by our dogs is as close to living the dream as it comes!

We live in a small farming community in the Upper Great Southern, surrounded by open countryside. We have pet ducks and chickens, a retired border collie, Milo, our two golden retrievers, Grace & Ruby, our beautiful poodle boy Chester and new girl Maple.

Our lives are immersed in children and animals! Our 3 young children love the farm life and we appreciate the opportunity to cultivate our land. Dogs have been a huge part of our lives, they are there waiting for you to get home after a terrible day at school, ready to celebrate winning that race and will be a shoulder to cry on when life throws that curve ball.

Our dogs come with us on holidays, days out and we plan everything we do around them. They are our furkids.

We have successfully combined our love for dogs within our business model and produce on average 16 puppies per year. We are ethical, knowledgeable and careful breeders.

We are passionate about raising the standards of the puppy industry and are advocates for animal welfare. Our philosophy is a transparent, ethical and nurturing program that empowers and educates new owners to take best care of their new puppy.

Our approach to puppy development is always puppy led. This means each individual puppy is unique and we adapt our lessons to ensure each one is happy and comfortable.

We want to share the joy we receive with other carefully selected families.

Groodles Running
Vicky Eckersley with two Groodle puppies


Pre children, Vicky worked in the UK as a Senior Physiotherapist, working largely in neuro rehabilitation. Once her eldest human was born, life slowed down and she had time to pursue a life long dream of spending her days surrounded by puppies and their unconditional love. Vicky is the person you will speak to on the phone and who answers all enquiries.

Her previous work as a Physiotherapist combined with her love of dogs has sown a seed that she is best placed to provide therapy and assistance potential dogs. With a unique understanding of complex disabilities and functional assessments, Vicky has the skills required to understand an individual’s goals and find appropriate ways to overcome challenges. Mental and emotional health is very closely linked with the physical well being, she knows first hand, how a well trained therapy dog can improve all aspects of an individual’s life.

Vicky is undergoing further training with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, which is the largest registered education and membership body in the world for dog trainers and behaviourists.


John, AKA, Mr Groodle is a fourth generation farmer growing cereal crops and sheep.

His gentle nature and quiet love of all things canine means the puppies are in the very best of hands.

He is often found lying in the garden covered in excited little balls of fluff. He has owned and trained working sheep dogs for many years.

His current Kelpies, Bud and Rocky are also part of the family.

John Eckersley
Eckersley Family With Groodles

Our Children

Our human children are such an asset to our breeding program!

The puppies are well used to cuddles from toddlers and children, including their sometimes unpredictable noises or movements. The puppies have the opportunity to become immersed in child’s play from the moment they open their eyes.

We believe this contributes to the resilience and robustness of a Great Southern Groodle.

Groodles Kids
Groodles With Kids